Sure Satya just drop the baby bird when it gets inconvenient

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  1. 9 months ago, I made this prediction: “(And the next months are probably going to be “they deepen their mode of communication” and then one takes the other somewhere.)” Turns out, I was half right; but Sarya seems to have forgotten the wood creature can communicate and needs her help. The 8 pages of flashback had a good pace to them, with each page advancing both the plot and our knowledge of the relationship between both characters! However, I feel that the present story’s pace is still as slow as it ever was.

    The last time I made that comment about pace, someone misunderstood that as a request for more frequent updates. But that’s not what I meant at all. I read several weekly webcomics with good pace. Their updates are generally designed so that each update brings the story forward by an important step. This is not a question of effort, this is something that is determined at the scripting phase. With leafscar, the story moves more slowly, not because the artist is drawing slowly, but because the script spreads the story across more panels. This is fine when you are storyboarding an animation, but a webcomic needs to use its space more effectively if it is to shine. Lizel did do it in the flashback sequence!

    When I ask myself what is new since I last saw the comic, I’d say
    – the wood creature protects Sarya and is not hostile
    – the bird perceived Sarya as hostile, and Sarya hurt the chick inadvertantly, as a metaphor of wood creature vs Sarya
    – the wood creature took Sarya to a different place where she is now thoroughly lost
    – I don’t understand the point of the gratuitious action sequence with the pickup truck
    – Sarya had a flashback with survival lessons, but subsequently ignored every single one of these, and is heading for imminent hypothermia
    – the flashback stopped short of a dramatic reveal that may or may not have impact on the present story
    I already said that I like the 2 months of flashback, but was it really necessary to take 7 months to tell the rest of this? What am I missing?

    1. This current chapter was completely illustrated (I keep a fairly large buffer due to my irregular but wholly engaging when it’s busy ‘day job’ schedule) before even your first comments on the matter, maybe you will see some change in scripting in the next few chapters!

      1. I’m looking forward to it!

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