Announcement: I will be uploading only every other week for the months of July and August while the buffer gets re-vitalized. This summer has come with it a lot of responsibilities that arguably would be deemed more urgent by most of society¬† than my drawing of my silly comics. Don’t worry, this won’t mean that things are precarious with the comic, I do still have a buffer, but it is important to my creative process that it remains a fairly large buffer! Stay Cool, kids!

3 thoughts on “Chapter 4 Page 8

  1. Ah that’s why we skipped a week and also my mind is blank exactly like Rory right now such relatable character
    btw hope your family is well now

    1. Thank you! Appreciate it, sorry I’m still a bit disorganized with my updates and behind on all social medias!

  2. I am glad I never had to do this, since I didn’t have any hope and dreams in HS either. Didn’t even attend my senior year. (Cue violins)

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