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  1. New tires plus repairs are probably $1,000. At $15/hour, that’s 66 hours, or over three weeks of part-time work.

    1. eek, poor Sophie and Terrell

    2. I actually got a flat recently while driving my toyota (at 300,000 miles and never knew changing tires was a thing) up a mountain road and got stuck overnight slowly inching the car down while filling the tires with my portable air compressor – the local tire shop couldn’t ethically let me leave the shop with all my completely bald about to burst tires to drive the rest of the 12 hours home through the Navajo nation so I had to change all of them. Now I have brand new shoes on an SUV that’s got 300,000 plus miles on it !

  2. Sophie also drove on the rim though, so her repair costs gonna be enormous D:

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